Bill Of Lading Management

Integrated mission-critical business system for Bill Of Lading Management.


B / L fare management system for liners

Booking / BL fare management system with certainty and efficiency of information with collection agents

In addition to centralizing information between the liner operator and the collection agency, it has the function of setting authority for the collection agency and business instruction function by e-mail, and schedule management, receivables management, and agency settlement can be performed more efficiently and speedily. It is a B / L fare management system to be carried out in Japan.

Assist in fare tariff management with various input methods

By combining the ports of jurisdiction and the types of cargo, it is possible to efficiently update information such as the function to import a huge amount of fare tariffs into Excel, change of charges, and batch update of multiple tariffs.

Get real-time booking information

In addition to batch registration and editing of various information, it is also possible to analyze Booking information based on the registered Booking information and output various information for planning cargo loading.

Accounting system can be linked Seamless accounting function

Not only can you link with TRANS-Account, but you can also link with other companies' accounting systems. You can perform a complicated series of accounting processes more efficiently.


Main Functions

High-performance, versatile tariff management

We assist in the management of freight tariffs, which is enormous when the jurisdiction port and cargo type are combined, using various input methods.

Excel import function

Since the choices of port and cargo type are reflected in the import format from the master information, there is no need to be aware of the master code when inputting. You can easily work even when editing a large amount of information. Excel import screen / Excel file input candidate options for import reflect the master on the system

Edit screen Batch registration / edit function

Information can be updated efficiently, such as changing the rate when the surcharge is revised and updating multiple tariffs in the same route at once. You can also edit and check each tariff individually. Tariff list screen / edit screen Batch editing is also possible

Booking management function

The Booking information registered by each collection agency can always be grasped, and the loading information is created based on this. Change information can be captured in real time, streamlining information sharing with each collection agency.

Excel import function

It is possible to collectively import Booking data, such as when importing a large amount of Booking data or batch import from the system used by each agency. Excel import screen / Excel file input candidate options for import reflect the master on the system

Booking management batch registration / editing function

Information such as changing the Booking status of the same shipper and switching operating vessels can be updated at once. This can greatly reduce the workload. At the time of batch update, select the update content.

Various Booking information analysis

Based on the registered Booking information, it is possible to output the Stowage List for planning cargo loading and the estimated cargo and freight charges for each Vessel / Voyage / loading location. At the time of batch update, select the update content.

B / L management function

S / O distribution / import function

Input candidates for ships, ports, etc. are reflected from the master information on the system, and can be easily entered. The imported data can be used as it is for creating B / L data.

Various document issuance processing

Export / import of S / O, M / R, B / L, A / N, D / O, Manifest, etc.

Fare settlement function

Accounting system interlocking

By seamlessly linking with TRANS-Account, a series of accounting processes from daily slip creation work to accounting processing such as credit accounting and deposit / withdrawal processing with banks will be streamlined. It can also be linked with other accounting systems.

B / L information analysis function

Using the actual data of B / L, the analysis form is output from the perspective of shipper, Vessel / Voyage / landing site (country / port), etc.

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