Chartering & Operating

Integrated mission-critical business system for Chartering & Operating


Integrated flight management system for operators

Flight management system (VMS) from Japan that captures voyage profitability estimates and achievements with high accuracy*)

An operation management system created based on the introduction results of about 50 companies and the experience of accounting systems developed individually. Developed by the accounting approach, "TRANS-Operator" not only facilitates shipping practices, but also reliably supports management strategies.

Capture voyage profitability estimates and achievements with high accuracy

You can easily create a voyage profitability quote and compare various quotes. It also facilitates voyage contract management, voyage and various operating expense settlement operations, and fuel management. In addition, reports from the ship can be captured to enable movement management. This is a flight management system that covers all the functions required for voluntary flight.

Streamline charter and settlement operations

It enables you to manage fuel sales / purchases, charter fees and advance payments, from contract management of rental ships and rental ships.

Directly connected to the accounting system.

All business journals related to operation and rental vessels are automatically linked to the shipping accounting system "TRANS-Account". In addition, rough and deferred settlement journals are automatically created from voyage profit data.


System Configuration


System Configuration


Main Functions

High-precision voyage profitability management

MULTI CARGO ・ Multi-port loading Multi-port unloading is supported, and PORT ROTATION is automatically created just by linking a voyage charter contract. ETA / ETD, voyage days, and fuel consumption at each port of call are automatically calculated based on the ship's speed controller settings, DISTANCE TABLE, and loading / unloading run information. In addition, it is equipped with support functions useful for examining profitability, such as multiple estimate comparison functions, C / B comparison functions by ship speed, and back calculation of freight rates from C / B. Furthermore, by linking with other companies' services as an integrated flight management platform, more accurate voyage profitability estimates can be achieved.

Ship Allocation Table

Visually express the fleet's voyage schedule and achievements with a bar chart. Colored by voyage status, cargo, and business (VC / TC-OUT). At the same time as the voyage results are reflected each time, the planned voyage period is automatically adjusted, and the ship allocation plan based on the latest movement information is always displayed. In addition, to confirm the voyage profitability and update the movement, drill down directly from the bar chart to the voyage profitability screen, check the details of the voyage profitability, and appropriately meet the contract conditions such as LAY / CAN, REDELI of the planned voyage. Correspondence such as adjustment is possible. In addition to screen display, Excel output is possible as ship allocation meeting material.

Ship Movement Management

Create motion reports such as Noon Report and Arrival / Departure Report on the ship and send them by e-mail. Reflected in the voyage profit report. Use a web browser to register reports on the ship. (You can use it online even if you are offline when you enter it.) Report types and items can be set freely. In addition to screen display, Excel output is possible as ship allocation meeting material.

Fuel management

The consumption amount of each oil type can be set for each engine output such as FULL and ECO, and fuel consumption simulation can be performed according to the purpose such as economy and punctuality. Within ECA, it automatically switches to LS fuel and calculates consumption. The fuel inventory calculation is automatically carried over from the previous voyage and calculated by the first-in first-out method. Approximate fuel cost at the end of the period and fixed fuel cost are automatically calculated and linked to the accounting system.

  • Fuel purchase
  • Term-end fuel inventory
  • Estimated fuel cost at the end of the period
  • Inventory management by first-in first-out
  • Fuel consumption simulation
  • Fuel cost confirmation process

Charter fee management

The settlement schedule is automatically expanded based on the conditions of the registered regular charter contract. It is possible to create a HIRE STATEMENT based on the settlement schedule when the charter fee is settled. In HIRE STATEMENT, it is also possible to call the BOD / BOR information entered in the charter contract, the OFF HIRE information entered in the voyage profit report, and the OWNER'S ACCOUNT generated at the time of port expense settlement. Furthermore, the created HIRE STATEMENT is linked to the accounting system

Revenue recognition based on IFRS-compliant progress standards

The income and expenditure for the current period is automatically calculated on a daily basis for voyages, charter fees, etc. that span the fiscal year. In addition, since the end-of-term estimation slip, deferred slip, and reversal slip are automatically created and sent to the accounting system, the settlement work in the accounting department is greatly reduced. In addition, the budget can be calculated on a daily basis by creating a ship allocation plan for the budget year, and can be compared with the actual results.


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