Receivable Management – A Complete Billing Platform

What are Receivables? Receivables are the dues a customer owes to the business, in exchange of services s/he gets from them and has not been paid for. They are also called Billing/ Accounts Receivables. Taking a strategic glance, these have emerged as an important asset on the balance sheets of numerous businesses. Receivables of the… Continue reading Receivable Management – A Complete Billing Platform

Fixed Asset Schedule

This fixed assets schedule is important to maintain because it is highly critical in understanding the accounts of the company. The fixed assets are not disposable in short time therefore it is important to keep a check on their costing and their utility over time so that the company does not have to procure any… Continue reading Fixed Asset Schedule

Bunker Calculation, Formula and Example

Such reading and evaluations require formula-oriented calculations while considering those dynamic factors and varying inputs. Bunker calculation is one of the most crucial ones that is needed to be performed on the board ships. If you are a marine engineer, then you need to manage and attain the skill of bunker calculations based on an… Continue reading Bunker Calculation, Formula and Example

Voyage Charter Vs Time Charter – All You Need To Know

Concept of Charter Most commercial vessels, boats, or other ships are under private ownership. And a large part of these are individual owners who see these as investments. They have no shipping or ferrying requirements from these. Rather than using the boats themselves they lease it out to third parties, who actually need the ships… Continue reading Voyage Charter Vs Time Charter – All You Need To Know

What are Audit Schedules?

Purpose of Audit Schedule The primary role of an audit schedule is to prepare a detailed plan of the type and number of audits taking place, within a certain period(usually, a financial year). However, the purpose of audit schedules also extends to determining the need for audits and arranging the required resources in order to… Continue reading What are Audit Schedules?