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Accounting Information System for Shipping Companies
TRANS-Account Introduction Case Study Interview

Sea Asia 2017 on APR 25-27, 2017

Dear sirs and madams

Thank you very much for visiting our booth (B2-S13) at Sea Asia 2017.

It was a good opportunity for us to present AIS Maritime Solution Singapore Pte. Ltd. (AISMSS) and TRANS-Series of Maritime ERP solution deeply, however, it was a pleasure to have met you.

AIS Maritime Solution Singapore Pte. Ltd.

We’ve been specializing Maritime Accounting and related systems for the several decades and established Business basement in Singapore in 2011. We have a good business relationship with system vendors of Voyage Management, Ship Management and Business Intelligence and Reporting Software

Product Information of AIS Maritime Solution Singapore Pte. Ltd.

Maritime ERP Solution, “TRANS-Series”
Maritime Business System for Ship Operators, “TRANS-Operator” [New product]
B/L Management System for Liner, “TRANS-Liner” [New product]
Financial Projections System for Ship owners, “TRANS-Owner”
Strategic Maritime Accounting System, “TRANS-Account”
which is able to Integrate with MAMS Procurement

TRANS-Series(Maritime ERP Solutions)

Our main product, TRANS-Account (Strategic Maritime Accounting System) has a considerable implementation records in Singapore and Japan – 20% membership companies of The Japanese Ship owner’s Association (JSA) and has an integration with Marine Asset Management System (MAMS) e-Procurement Module provided by SDSD and Business transaction and accounting data can be visualized and outputted easily with Business Intelligence(Dr. Sum EA) and Reporting software (SVF) provided by WingArc.

Thank you very much for your special attention.
We look forward to meet you soon.

AIS Maritime Solution Singapore Pte. Ltd.