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Accounting Information System for Shipping Companies
TRANS-Account Introduction Case Study Interview

Sea Japan 2016

Thank you very much for visiting our booth (K-44) at Sea Japan 2016.

It was a good opportunity for us to present AIS Co., Ltd and TRANS-Series of Maritime ERP solution deeply, however, it was a pleasure to have met you.

Product Information of AIS Co., Ltd

Maritime ERP Solution, “TRANS-Series”
Maritime Business System for Ship Operators, “TRANS-Operator”
B/L Management System for Liner, “TRANS-Liner”
Financial Projections System for Ship owners, “TRANS-Owner”
Strategic Maritime Accounting System, “TRANS-Account”
which is able to Integrate with MAMS Procurement
TRANS-Series(Maritime ERP Solutions)

TRANS-Operator is newly added on Maritime ERP Solution “TRANS-Series” which is specially designed for shipping industry and our package further enhanced. TRANS-Operator is compatible with creating ship allocation plan based on model voyages and voyage profitability plan. Latest voyage profitability can be confirmed by updating voyage actual operations and vessel movement and the actual data is reflected onto voyage profitability plan. Voyage profitability data can be interfaced to strategic maritime accounting system, “TRANS-Account” and accounting and book closing process can be performed efficiently. Moreover, TRANS-Owner is compatible with financial projection based on vessel life cycle and supports for decision making from long-term perspective for long-term business plan and fleet planning.

Thank you very much for your special attention. We look forward to meet you soon. AIS Co., Ltd.